Order European Rehau windows from Russia and save up to 30% of your budget

Bargain price

Premium product for lower price

High quality

The largest partner of Rehau in Russian Far East

Energy efficiency

Uf value down to 0.85 W/m²k

Premium quality for reasonable price

  • All our products are made from Rehau profile (Germany).

  • Tax preferences, lower cost of materials and labor makes it possible to provide better price even including logistics expenses.

  • Windows that can even stand cold Siberian winters.

Window types

Tilt & Turn windows

This versatile tilt-turn design is three windows in one: an inward opening casement in the turn position, a secure top-venting hopper in the tilt position and a tightly sealed picture window when closed.

Patio doors (Tilt & slide)

With just a simple turn of a handle, the door sash can be tilted providing secure ventilation. With another turn, the sash slides open parallel to the fixed unit, not into the room, for space-saving functionality.  The added functionality of a Tilt-Slide door allows you to let in fresh air, without full exposure to the outside.

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Hinged doors

Hinged doors are offered as a single sash creating a beautiful main entrance or as dual sash, also referred to as French doors, connecting the indoors with the outdoors. These versatile doors can be used for patio, deck or balcony access.


These versatile windows can be made in a number of sizes and are ideal for providing ventilation and natural light in smaller spaces, such as basements and bathrooms. Hopper windows are also commonly used to add interest and variety as a companion to larger window configurations.

Rehau profiles

Rehau Blitz

REHAU BLITZ is an entry level solution designed for mass market. 

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Rehau Grazio

Grazio is 5-chambered window profile designed for severe Siberian climate

Rehau Intelio 80

Rehau Intelio 80 is a novelty of 2017. The profile has excellent thermal insulation characteristics.

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Rehau Geneo

GENEO® is the first fully reinforced polymer window system that doesn’t rely on steel for its strength.

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Window components are certified by Passive house Institute (Germany)

With windows made from REHAU profiles, you will save on your heating bills during the winter and air conditioning in the summer. Uf value down to 0.79 W/Km2

Triple pane glazing with argon fill and low-e soft coating. Warm edge spacer – Chromatech Ultra.  Thickness up to 52mm

*Quadruple glazing is available for Geneo profile

Terms of delivery:

USA, Canada – from 40 days
Australia, New Zealand – from 50 days
South Korea – from 15 days
South East Asia – from 25 days
  • Windows are packed in wooden boxes for better safety and convenience during unloading works. All wooden package has a fumigation certificate for international shipping.
  • We can visit your construction site to teach your engineers how to install Rehau windows.

Become our dealer!

We support our partners on all stages of a project

Free samples for field visits and full-size windows for your showroom

Co-promotion at exhibitions (cover up to 50% of expenses)

Marketing support (brochures, POSM, etc.)

Certification for your local market

Technical support – guidelines and supervision installation

5-year warranty 

Top-class Rehau profile

Environment-friendly profile with high-definition finishing (HDF) remains the same color and maintains a lifelong aesthetic appearance after several years of use.

European hardware Siegenia Aubi Titan AF

The TITAN comfort mushroom cam demonstrates the fact that huge progress can be made on a small scale. It ensures smooth and faultless opening, tilting and closing of windows ▪ Automatic adjustment for changing conditions, e.g. temperature fluctuations ▪ Guarantees a durable locking system that is optimally adjusted at all times 

Proven quality of the product

Global windows is the largest manufacturer of Rehau windows in the Far East of Russia. Products are tested in Rehau lab on regular basis.

Windows are equipped with top quality German hardware – Siegenia Aubi Titan AF.

Float glass by global vendors such as AGC and Guardian. 

International certificate ILAC MRA.

NAFS report for North America market.

Warranty and service

All guarantee conditions are reflected in the export contract

We supply a dealer with a set of basic spare parts that may be required for service matters

Letter of credit provides financial security for both parties

Easy-to-install product

Our engineers are available to help you to install Rehau windows. Also, you can get a user-friendly guide on window installation.

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